The DJs

The station is currently run by DJ Frags, Owner, Producer and Station Programmer.

DJ Frags plays music from a range of Genres from aroud the world and back again. He currently sets up the playlists and choses the music you hear.


Previous DJs:

DJRasta AKA Krazy`Xui, formerly known in RTCW circles as Herman, author of Hermans Wolfen Memories, He specialises in sets ranging from dance, rock, reggae, pop and ambient to the downright strange. He hosts The Krazy`Xui Show most Friday nights.

Gerd, from Nuremburg in Germany, used to run the radio station General Eclectic, playing everything from Jazz, rock and classical. His shows are world famous as he also starred in the awesome Gerd’s choice in LG73 in Canada!